think1 [ θıŋk ] (past tense and past participle thought [ θɔt ] ) verb ***
▸ 1 believe something is true
▸ 2 have particular opinion
▸ 3 consider facts carefully
▸ 4 have something in your mind
▸ 5 remember someone/something
1. ) transitive to believe something based on facts or ideas:
think (that): What do you think he wants?
I don't think there's a computer store in the town.
be thought to do something: Faulty wiring is thought to have caused the fire.
a ) used for saying that you are not completely certain about something:
I think so: Is James coming tonight? I think so, but I'm not sure.
think (that): I think he's arriving tomorrow.
2. ) intransitive or transitive to have a particular opinion about someone or something:
think of someone/something as something: Nobody seriously thought of him as a candidate for the job.
I've always thought of that as a love song.
think someone something: I thought him a very nice young man.
a ) not think much of to not like someone or something very much:
I don't think much of Hajime's new girlfriend.
b ) think badly/ill of someone to dislike or be disappointed in someone because of how they behave:
I hope you don't think badly of me for leaving.
c ) think the best/worst of someone to decide that someone has good/bad qualities before you know them or understand their situation:
Dan was a kind man, and always thought the best of people.
Must you always think the worst of her?
d ) think highly/a lot of someone to admire and respect someone a lot:
Everyone there seems to think very highly of her.
e ) think the world of someone to like or love someone very much:
Dad's always thought the world of her.
3. ) intransitive to carefully consider facts in order to understand something, make a decision, or solve a problem:
Come on, think! There must be a solution.
Let's stop and think before we do anything else.
think about: I need to think seriously about their offer.
think of: I've got to think of a way to earn more money.
a ) be thinking of/about doing something to have already considered something but not yet made a decision about it:
Sam's thinking of buying our car.
b ) can't think straight SPOKEN to be unable to consider things carefully or correctly:
I just can't think straight, she said, trying not to cry.
c ) not be thinking straight SPOKEN to not be considering things as well as you usually do:
I'm sorry, I'm just not thinking straight at the moment.
d ) think for yourself to consider facts and make decisions, instead of depending on someone else's judgment:
It's time she learned to think for herself.
4. ) intransitive or transitive to have something in your mind:
I wasn't worried I just thought, Why is she doing that?
I imagine we'll all be thinking the same things tonight.
Were you thinking in terms of the entire test?
a ) to imagine something:
think of/about: Just think of what she's suffered!
think that: I never thought that I'd end up working here.
b ) SPOKEN used for telling or helping someone to remember someone or something:
Here's a clue: Think baseball.
c ) think out loud to say something as soon as it comes into your mind, without waiting to consider if it is sensible or useful:
Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud.
5. ) intransitive to remember someone or something:
think of: She thought of him often.
He could never think of the woman's name.
think about: She thought about him and decided to call.
think to do something: Did you think to ask about the delivery time?
a ) to consider someone and their needs or situation:
think of: It was kind of you to think of our daughter.
come to think of it/thinking about it SPOKEN
used for adding something to what you have said because you have just remembered something:
Come to think of it, he did mention going to Toulouse.
don't even think about/of doing something SPOKEN
used for telling someone that they must not do something:
Don't even think about lying to me!
do you think...?
1. ) used for asking someone politely to do something:
Do you think you could pass me my bag?
2. ) used for asking someone's opinion:
Do you think we'll get this finished on time?
I can't hear myself think SPOKEN
used for saying that there is too much noise:
I can't hear myself think with that loud music playing.
if someone thinks something, they have another think coming SPOKEN
used for saying that someone believes they know what will happen, but they are wrong:
If she thinks I'll help her, she has another think coming.
I thought as much SPOKEN
used for saying that you are not surprised that something is true:
Dave and Susan have split up. I thought as much.
I thought (that) SPOKEN
used as a polite way of suggesting something:
I thought we'd have a drink on the patio before dinner.
I wasn't thinking/I didn't think SPOKEN
used for saying that you are sorry that you have upset someone:
I shouldn't have mentioned it. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.
not think for a minute/moment (that)
used for saying that someone should not believe something:
Don't think for a minute that I'm jealous.
that's what you/they etc. think SPOKEN
used for saying that someone is wrong about something
think better of something
to decide not to do something because you no longer think it is a good idea:
He started to say something but thought better of it.
think nothing of doing something
to do something that other people would find difficult to do or that other people think is strange:
She thought nothing of traveling around the world alone.
think nothing of it SPOKEN
used as a polite way of replying when someone says thank you
think on your feet
to have good ideas and make decisions quickly in a difficult situation:
You have to think on your feet in this job.
think outside the box AMERICAN
to find new ways of doing things, especially solving problems:
Employees are encouraged to think outside the box and develop creative solutions.
think twice/again
1. ) to carefully consider whether what you are planning to do is a good idea:
I'd think twice before buying that car if I were you.
A visible alarm makes burglars think twice.
2. ) not think twice to do something immediately, without considering whether it is a good idea:
I didn't think twice I accepted the job straight away.
what/where/when do you think? SPOKEN
used for asking for someone's opinion:
What do you think about the new manager?
When do you think they'll arrive?
what/who/where does someone think SPOKEN
used in questions when you are upset or angry about something:
What does he think this is, a party?
Just who do you think you are?
What do you think you're doing!
who would have thought...? SPOKEN
used for showing that you are surprised about something:
Who would have thought that John would get married?
you would think/I'd have thought SPOKEN
used when talking about something that you think should happen but has not happened:
You'd think he'd visit his parents once in a while.
,think `back phrasal verb intransitive
to think about something that happened in the past:
I've been trying to think back to that last evening.
,think `out phrasal verb transitive
to consider all the important facts in a situation before deciding or doing something:
Think it out properly before you make a decision.
,think `over phrasal verb transitive
to consider a problem or decision carefully:
Let's think his proposal over before we see him again.
,think `through phrasal verb transitive
to consider the facts about something in an organized and thorough way:
Have you had time to think things through?
,think `up phrasal verb transitive
to invent or imagine something, especially an excuse:
She'd have to think up a good reason for being late.
I had to think up something I could do as a hobby.
think 2 [ θıŋk ] noun
have a think MAINLY BRITISH
to think about something carefully:
I'd like to go away and have a think about it.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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